Great quality and variety at a great value is what you will find in the produce department, where we offer traditional flavors, fruits and vegetables from across USA, Mexico, Central & South America and other different countries.  Like jicamas, guava, passion fruit, tamarind, plantains, mangoes and much more.  Freshen up with fresh fruits!  

Our fruits and vegetables department offers a wide variety of products that will help you maintain a healthy and balanced life.

The most delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables are at your local Anaya’s Market.

A variety of colors will make your choice easy in our wide variety of products for the season. Remember that the more color fruits and vegetables have, the more nutritious they are.

We always have fresh, juicy and sweet products from USA, Mexico, Central and South America and other different countries.

Each season offers you a different choice in fruits and vegetables with our wide variety. You will always find them fresh and at an excellent price.

During the holidays, we offer you the largest variety of dried chili, husks for tamales, piloncillo, candy for piñatas and much more.

Color, freshness and quality are the perfect combinations that make our fruits and vegetables department so special.